Friday, March 30, 2012

Here bunny bunny bunny

This morning sister came to me with a handful of baby carrots and said she was going outside to give them to the bunny rabbit to eat.  We have rabbits that run around in our neighborhood. This is the first year she has really paid attention to them. She is constantly going on bunny hunts. 

So we went around the yard thinking where the bunny might need food and she put down carrots for snacks for her bunny friends. Our neighbor's the McNeil's (who I just posted about) have a beagle dog named Rocky who goes crazy over the rabbits. So we informed Mr. Zack that we would kindly put some carrots on his side of the fence as well. He wasn't too amused :)

Here she is putting out her feed for the bunny.

Classic panties hanging out of the pants

A side note for my memory. Sister dresses herself mostly everyday. She has had an opinion on her clothes since she just 2 years old. That is an area I have chosen not to fight. Most days she really does well as she shows me the matching colors in her outfit. But we have had the days where she wears bright spring outfit with dark brown winter boots, or her black and red dress with her bright pink crocs. There are enough other battles, that her clothes and hair are not ones I have chosen to fight.  She might look back at pictures one day and cringe and ask me why I let her wear certain outfits and I will look at her and smile. 

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