Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Fest Weekend

We had such a great weekend enjoying the outdoors!

Friday we spent the whole day outside doing yard work. We were mulching and Buster climbed up in the trailer and made himself at home in the middle of the pile

Saturday morning Steve took Payton to see the play Sleeping Beauty. They had a crowing ceremony at intermission and sister got a new crown bestowed upon her by a "real" princess

Buster and I went to Grace's 2nd Birthday Party.

Again, taking advantage of amazing weather, the party was outside.

Birthday Girl

This morning after church we had our Spring Fest. This was the most interested Sister has ever been in the Easter Bunny.

 There were so many people, Buster was mostly tied down in the stroller so I could keep an eye on sister as well. Here is he with sweet Grace, big girl now that she is 2.

The Egg hunt 

Brother picked up one egg and spent the whole time trying to get it opened (it was taped).

Our only family pic for now, as you can see we were looking at another camera

And a great shot of the Zimmers

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  1. Great pics, Erin! Definitely a fun weekend. :)