Thursday, April 19, 2012

Group, Turkey, Faces

Here is a hodgepodge of pictures

Our community group had a bonfire last night to end the semester. Our group was a new group this semester, mostly everyone had never been a part of a group at ICCC before. It was fun connecting new people.

Chris and Crystal own the Coffee shop downtown Olathe, if you are near there stop in and say Hi!

This was the small fire (before it was lit)

The BIG fire

Buster was excited for the BIG fire
This morning, my stud of a husband was up before the sun, providing meat for his family, literally. 

Since we had the camera out for a dead turkey, I thought I would get some breakfast pictures of these turkeys (not at all to be compared to a dead animal)

Sister is so enjoyable right now. Her brain captures so much. She surprises me everyday with something new. She loves sharing things she learns at school. She has such a sensitive heart for others, constantly praying for people we know who are sick. She is very observant, you can't sneak anything past her. She is a strong personality, flexing her free will often. I love having independent children, but almost to fault, she things she can do everything adults do. She isn't very athletic right now, actually almost clumsy. Being that Steve and I are both pretty athletic, we hope this is a stage, but all her friends seem to be more fluid in their movement than her. We actually had her hearing checked recently because she has asked me "why I am talking so quietly?" and seems to fall often, which both can be back to hearing and balance. Her right ear failed the initial screening so we have to go back and get it checked further. She hasn't had long-term hearing, as the girl is so verbal that she has heard fine before. She might have fluid or wax, we will see what the audiologist says.

Sister licking her breakfast cereal

Her nose curl smile
Just a quick shot of daddy at 3 years old for a comparison

Buster is cracking me up right now. He is 16 months and his personality is shining through. I have a feeling he will be the life of the party kind of guy. He is a joker, laughs all the time, and loves people. He doesn't say too many "real" words, but talks all the times and get his point across. He loves using silverware for meals, his favorite thing to say is "Uh-Oh." He just started saying day-day (supposed to be pay-pay) for sister. He is a lover, cuddles then runs away. He loves balls, cars and wrestling. He thinks it is funny to run in the middle of the street, so we will be playing in the backyard a lot this summer. He is a climber, that boy climbs on everything. He loves his big sister (gives her hugs and kisses) and tries to keep up with her.  

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