Sunday, April 8, 2012

He has Rised, He has Risen Indeed!

Easter is such a day of celebration!
I am thankful for Christ's ultimate sacrifice and resurrection, allowing me to have a relationship with my creator.

Today was an amazing day. Great services this morning. Steve preached a sermon that was right on for Easter. Check it out HERE (it isn't currently up, but should be up real soon).

We had a few friends (who like us, don't have family in the area) over from brunch. 
Here are too many pictures

Sister and E-man searching for eggs (all the little kids were asleep, so they got a lot of eggs)

Checking out her loot

Checking out his

Mindy, Matt and baby ? coming in August

The Zimmers and baby girl arriving in June

The youngest guest of the day, Maddox a whopping 5 days old!

Maddox's daddy and mommy (Jason and Chelsea)

The McNeils

This was the girls first time in our backyard :)

Buster woke up after the party was almost over and again was obsessed with opening 1 egg

The little ones got their own hunt after nap time.

The only reason this picture is included is to show that I spend 20 minutes curling my hair and my daughter wakes up everyday with the wild mess that I love!

I would love to live near family, but I am so thankful for friends that are like family to share the day with.

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  1. Erin, They are so lucky to have loving friends like you when they are away from their family. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Mary Ann (Nana)