Thursday, April 5, 2012


We have had amazing weather here in Kansas, especially for March (this post was written over a week ago). When it is nice here, I literally want to live outside. We go out as much as we can. With this weather I want to spend some quiet time out in nature. I considered a few places to go, but started dreaming too. 

Steve has the desire to live on land one day. He grew up on land and loves the freedom (and even the work) that is brings. I grew up in a subdivision and we often joke about different things with each other relating to those different upbringings.  Maybe it is his dreams rubbing off on my, but I have started thinking about living on land. We know that reality would be probably 10 years away (for financial and relational reasons) but it is fun to dream.

I have the dream of designing my own house. He picks the land, I design the house. Currently I only have a few priorities for my house. I really don't want a huge house, that is a lot to clean. I want a good use of space. The kitchen, mudroom/laundry room and outdoor living are what I dream about. 

In regards to outdoor living, I would love a front porch, a sunroom (enjoy the outside year round), and back porch/deck. I want my back-yard to be my oasis, my place I go to enjoy the outdoors. I probably will have to recruit my mother-in-law who grows gardens that belong in magazines to help. 

Dreaming of Sun Rooms
 (I apologize for the weird formatting)

Dreaming of a deep front porch

Dreaming of Backyards

A girl can dream

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  1. Sharon Mantor CashApril 6, 2012 at 4:28 PM

    This is definitely my cup of tea too! I love the above outdoor living space ideas. Here in FL, you don't see too many homes with the wrap around porches in the front and back.

    PS. I enjoy reading your blog :)