Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Update

We had a wonderfully simple and low-key holiday season. The weekend before Christmas we were able to head to the farms overnight to celebrate with my mother-in-laws side of the family. I love spending time with family over the holidays and the kids love roaming the farms. 

Buster and Big Papa
 It was so cold outside but Buster did not care, he wanted to ride the tractor and throw rocks at the farm. I love that he is all BOY!

Christmas Eve was a great service at church, Steve delivered a great sermon filled with Hope for so many that don't have any. We had 2 services then went to our friends house to enjoy some dinner with friends. The kids loved staying up late, running around with their friends, eating all sorts of holiday junk!

 Christmas Day we were home alone in our PJ's all day. Christmas used to be so hard for me living far from family, but as our kids have gotten older, I really do enjoy being home with them and laying low on Christmas. We love having family around when we can, but there is something sweet and simple about being home together, just enjoying each other.

Reading Christmas Story before presents
I love this pic of these 2. They are in such a sweet stage right now, really caring for each other.
The only thing Sister really wanted for Christmas was a doggie that walked, talked and had batteries. Yes someone might have encouraged the batteries because that means there is an off switch. She talks about a real puppy but she knows we won't even consider that until we are done having babies. No babies and doggies. While we were taking the picture above, the dog started barking every time the flash went off.

 She figured out which box the barking came from and got super excited.
Needless to say this was the first present opened. My in-laws had gotten her the dog and they said it would bark at random times to them over the past few weeks. We have a video of her opening the present and it is priceless. Papa and Gigi got to experience her excitement through the video even though they weren't able to be here in person.

Buster really didn't care much about what he got, but he did get a few hats that really excited him.

It was a cold Christmas here. Steve and the kids hung up the bird feeder they got and they have loved watching the birds everyday. 

The day after Christmas my parents flew in. I had to thank them for leaving sunny warm Florida for cold Kansas. We had a great time with them here. One evening the adults went out for a fun date to the original Oklahoma Joes (in the gas station) and then went downtown to Circus de soleil. We had a blast!

Besides that we mostly hung out with my parents for the few days they were here.

Colton's favorite gift came from Grandpa, a Nerf shotgun. It is so much bigger then him, but the boy is in love. Dad got him some paper targets we taped to a door and the kids wants to shoot his gun all the time.

His big gift from Grandpa and Mimi was a balance bike, but we didn't even open that to a few days after Christmas because he didn't even care about it, he just kept playing with the gun. I am sure the bike will get great use this summer. 

He is still in love with his train track that he got for his birthday, that and the shotgun take up most of his playing time these days.

We had a great Holiday season. Now we have Sister's birthday this weekend then next up on our calendar is delivering a sweet baby girl!

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