Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Payton's 4th Birthday

Yesterday was Payton's 4th Birthday. Her celebration started last week with Roadhouse dinner, hunting with daddy, a birthday party on Saturday (her Papa, Gigi and Uncle Benny made it for), whip cream and waffles for birthday breakfast (our birthday tradition), then dinner and ice cream last night (Grandpa was in town for that). 

Payton at 4 years old you are such a delight. You are very helpful, you mother your brother all the time, you love to make projects, you love to make a mess with your projects, you have very few meltdowns anymore but are getting much better at expressing your feelings (you often get frustrated when you don't get your way), you are so sweet to Colton and really care for him (not just mother him), you are so excited to have a baby sister you get to hold, you have a very tender heart towards others, you dress yourself (it used to match now you are quite creative in your outfits) and many days you express your disgust for quiet time but spend almost 2 hours playing by yourself in your room. You are a delight to be around and add so much life to our family. 

Bringing you home 4 years ago

Riding the horse at Roadhouse

Hunting with daddy (you borrowed Colton's hat while he was sleeping)
Your first kill, daddy killed it so quickly you didn't even have time to finish your sucker

Bubblegum Themed birthday party

You didn't want the silly hat so your daddy wore it

Reminding me how old you are

 Happy 4th Birthday my daughter!

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  1. I can't believe little miss peyton is already 4 years old!! My how time flies!! Happy Birthday Peyton!