Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Payton finishing preschool

Payton finished her first year of preschool a few weeks ago. She absolutely loved her teachers Miss Eileen and Miss Kathie. She will have them as teachers next year in her new class (they keep same kids and teachers together for 2 years) which is great for my steady-freddy daughter. She is a home body and there were many days that she would fight going to school but if Miss Eileen was the one to get her out of the car for drop-off, she would get out with a smile on her face. I wanted to document the comments her teachers made about her, more for my memory sake then for bragging. 

"Payton seems to enjoy all aspects of school which is great because we enjoy being her teachers. She has a lot of confidence and she loves being independent. We can always count on her to lend a helping hand to a friend. She enjoys participation in circle time and all of our conversations/discussions. She enjoys all of the new friendships she has within our class and is outgoing socially. She is anxious to please and is always helpful at clean-up time."

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