Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Kids and motherhood

I am so blessed to be a mom to these kiddos

Some days are crazy, some days I have no patience, but some days I sit and soak them in. They are delightful little kids. 

Payton and Colton play so well together, sure they fight a lot, but they are supposed to do that and figure out how to work with others. Payton is such a big sister, mothering Colton and takes such pride in helping him out.  Colton loves to antagonize his big sister, I can see his scheming in his eyes and hiding behind his big grin. Presley is such a sweet addition to our family. She is such a happy content baby that right now just lights up when you look at her.

Our transition to 3 has been a really smooth one, so much easier then 1 to 2 for us. Colton was such a difficult baby that it had to get easier. Sometimes it is still crazy to me that I am a mom, let alone a mom to 3 kids. I was talking to one of my closest girlfriends the other day who has one little guy, we are both so passionate about parenting and have great conversations around the subject, while talking to her I realized how much I have grown as a mother and person over the last 4.5 years and how much I have learned with each addition. Becoming a mom was one of the biggest changes for me in life, I am a very different (and would dare to say better) person today because of what the Lord has taught me about myself through these 3 kids. Motherhood has been one of the most humbling things I have done, it has taken my eyes off of myself more than anything else. 

It has been almost 1.5 years since we miscarried and my life was on the line, I have a different appreciation for many things since then, especially each one of my children and sweet Presley Rae who we wouldn't have known if we hadn't gone through what we did. I am so grateful for our family.

I wrote the above post last week and hadn't gotten around to posting it until tonight. It is amazing what the difference of a year makes. It wasn't until I was getting ready for bed tonight that it hit me that one year ago today was our due date for the baby we lost. You can read the letter I wrote to our baby HERE. It hadn't even crossed my mind all day long. Losses are hard, but we can choose to dwell on them and grow bitter or sweetly remember and enjoy what we have in front of us, I choose the option #2.

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  1. All three of them are precious and I'm so happy to hear that 2 to 3 has been an easy transition for you.