Thursday, April 10, 2014

33 weeks and powerful

Monday we hit the 33 week mark. This boy feels sooo big to me. I keep saying I wouldn't be surprised if he is the biggest yet. I was telling Steve yesterday that he is the first one of all 4 kids whose kicks actually hurt me. They sometimes take my breath away. Colton was so much more active than the girls, but I do not remember pain from his movements. As I mentioned this to Steve, he said "do you know the word I pray over Stetson right now?" 

(side note: a great parenting book Praying Circles Around your Children challenges parents to pray specific words over each of their kids lives. Words that you choose through prayer and knowing each of your kids individually. We often pray Compassion for Payton, Strong and Courageous for Colton, Peaceful Spirit for Presley).

I asked him what word he is praying over Stetson and he said POWERFUL! I asked him to wait and continue that prayer after Stetson is out of my uterus as I do not want to experience his power inside my belly nor would I prefer a powerful entrance into this world out of me. Nice and simple delivery would be fine with me.

2 belly pics from this week

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