Monday, April 21, 2014


We had a great Easter yesterday. What a great day to celebrate Christ's Resurrection! Steve delivered a powerful sermon (yes I am biased) and then we had friends over later in the evening. This is the 4th Annual Southards Easter Dinner and I believe this year was the biggest yet. Here are pics from the day.

Egg Hunt

 Presley caught on very quickly

Miss Michelle brought the highlight of the evening, live chicks for the kids to hold!

Payton was really into the chicks while Colton ate his candy the whole time just watching the action.

We have had many of the same families over the years and added some new ones this year. We invite families close to us that do not have any extended family in town to celebrate with. We have added 3 babies since last year plus Stetson on the way.

Trent and Jessica with baby Titus 3 weeks old. Last Easter was their first Sunday in KS as our Youth Pastor and Titus has been a sweet surprise this past year as Jess wasn't sure if she would be able to have kids.

The McNeil Family (neighbors)

The McAtee Family (missing Cali who is 2 months old who was sleeping) (neighbors)

The Zimmers Family who added baby Alton this past year (good friends from church)

The Gaeddert Family (Jenna is on staff at church)

The Reiswig Family (Jason is on staff too)

Our growing family

I had to include the following picture as it was our first Easter we hosted and Payton is wearing the same dress Presley wore to church in the top picture and Colton is my belly.

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