Monday, April 14, 2014

Here Turkey Turkey Turkey

Since this is Team Southards blog and the captain of this team happens to be a hunter, it is probably appropriate to share his hunting success stories for memory sake. 

One thing I love about my husband is his appreciation for making memories. Hunting is more than a hobby to him, it really is his time away from it all. Sitting in the woods is one place he feels closest to God. He might use that line on me so I can't argue about him going, but it really is refreshing for him. He is great about documenting each kill that he has, writing the story behind the hunt. I have failed to include any of these stories before, so now I am changing that.

Spring Turkey season is here and he scored early. Here is his story

Early Bird  4/11/14

After an exciting Friday morning sunrise, talking to 2 gobblers on the roost but resulting in nothing more then my heart racing and seeing 3 hens, I decided to slightly change my position and use a different call.  Immediately a bird responded 300 yards to the west.  Believing I had plenty of time to close the distance, I moved 75 yards, sitting up against a tree near the old home place of the original farm house on the property.  I settled in and called again and he quickly responded, this time he was much closer and it was clear he was committed and coming.  With the words of Papa Southards going through my mind reminding me “don’t over call him,”  I put the box call down and picked up the Browning 12 gauge.  It was less the 5 minutes later, the interested gobbler showed up, strutting down the lane I often use when I drive in.  After watching him looking intensely for the hen responsible for luring him in, I decided I better take the shot.  I did and he flopped.  As I ran to get him, I was in disbelief that it happened so quickly.  It was a perfect spring turkey hunt: green grass, birds chirping, jonquils in bloom near the old homeplace, and of course a gobbling turkey.  Life is good.  9 in beard, 1 in spurs.  The second picture is from a bird Jim (our family Dr who delivered Presley and will deliver Stetson) and I called in a couple days before.  Jim pulled the trigger and he was a real nice bird: 12 in beard, 1 ½ in spurs.  

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