Monday, January 25, 2010

Payton is 1!

January 14th Payton turned 1 !

We had a pretty low key day. Steve was home from work that day, so we had a great lazy family day. We can't believe she is already 1!

One-year-old Payton
- right under 21 pounds
- 31 inches long
- Loves saying Dadda and Boo (her little dog you she sleeps with, compliments of Aunt Callie)
- Also says ball, balloon, ruff ruff, momma (not as much as dadda)
- Points at herself saying dadda, then laughs so hard when we say "you're not dadda"
- Cruising everywhere, not showing much interest in walking yet
- Has the best smile and flashes is all the time
- Her personality is really starting to show, she will play games, making funny noises and squealing with delight when I mimic her
- Will hide behind something and initiate peek-a-boo
- Loves going up and down stairs all by herself
- Drinks from a normal cup and is starting to want to hold the cup by herself (momma still helps)
- Eats pretty well - doesn't like a lot of meat, but loves cheese
- Still feeds from mommy morning and night
- Loves her sleep - sleeps 12 hours at night and take two 2 hour naps (if not 2.5 hours)
- Has 8 teeth (2 in the back, not sure if they are molars)

Payton, you have brought so much joy to our lives. I want to steal kisses from you all the time. You are a blessing from the Lord.

Sitting in her big girl chair that she got from her Papa and Gigi Southards. She is holding boo #2 (we got him so we could rotate the other boo and getting him washed, unfortunately, after a few days she shows no interest in boo #2, she figured us out)

Had whipped cream on her waffle for birthday breakfast. Wasn't too sure at first, but soon dug right in.

Ice cream for dinner.

Steve thought this looked like I was taunting her, she is like her daddy and loves ice cream!

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