Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday Party!

We had so much fun at Payton's Party. She had over 50 of her closest friends and family come over and celebrate with her. Steve parents and brother came over from St. Louis. Not sure if she knew what was going on, but seemed to enjoy the attention. I didn't get many pictures during the party, as I was enjoy hanging out with everyone. I had done some prep for her outfit for the day, that didn't quite work out. Enjoy the pics!

I made this tutu and tried taking a naked picture, she did not like it!

This is how I was hoping for her to look for her party, tutu didn't happen, that will be something to grow in to.

Made this hair clip to match the shirt, she wouldn't leave that in either. She takes bows out of her hair, looks at them, then tried to put them back in, when I put them back in, she takes them out and we start the cycle all over. I have given up on bows until I can reason with her.

How she looked for the party, much more comfy. Notice the 2 bows in her hands that have been pulled out.

Birthday banner

We did cupcakes for the party. Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

This was her big cupcake. My first time every decorating cupcakes, I had fun trying all sorts of techniques. I made 67 cupcakes, as we had over 70 RSVP's. Some people didn't show and many didn't eat, needless to say, we had cupcakes all week. I had 2 dinners that week that I took them to for dessert.

She wasn't too sure. Was softly eating just the icing. It was homemade cream cheese icing the was delicious.

I finally took the top off for her to dig in more, she never got terribly messy.

She loves feeding us, daddy enjoy a piece of her cupcake.

My new favorite picture. While taking pictures of her in her outfits, I took one of us kissing. She loves open mouth kisses. I never get tired of her kisses!


  1. Adorable!! I love the kissing pic! She is too cute! You did a great job my crafty friend!

  2. Everything was adorable! I love the banner you made!

  3. What a sweet and adorable party!!! Happy Birthday to your baby girl!

  4. Erin - what a nice party! She looked adorable in the tutu even though you could tell she had her doublts about it! A sweet, sweet baby! Wish I could see her more often!