Friday, January 29, 2010

Date Night

When we first were married living in Bradenton, we had date night every Tuesday night. We would split a California Burrito at Mr. Tequila's (one of the absolutely best mexican dishes on the face of the planet) then head over to the dollar movies. Good news was Tuesday's were 1/2 off at the movies, so we paid $1 total for our movie and we paid under $10 for our dinner. So date night on the pastor and teacher salary was $11 and we loved it!

This past year with the transition of having a child and Steve's job demanding more evenings, we haven't been as diligent in our date nights. Someone told us when we got married to never stop dating each other.

One of our goals for 2010 was to put date night back on the calendar. Thursday evenings have been blocked on Steve's calendar, and I am in charge of finding sitters. It would be convenient to have family here to watch Payton, but since that isn't a reality, we are very thankful for the wonderful people on our lives who love on her why we get away to love on each other.

Last night Larry and Kathy Endecott watched her for us. Larry and Kathy are great about spoiling us. Larry is always baking goodies and bringing them our way. They were excited to have Payton for the evening.

Steve and I were able to grab dinner and a movie. We went to Ted Montana's and got a great burger and salad. Then we went to CVS to stock on movie candy. Don't know how "legal" this is but getting candy for $4 at the movie theater doesn't make sense to me. We watched Extraordinary Measures with Brendan Fraser, Harrison Ford and Keri Russell. I knew that it was a sad movie, but didn't know I would cry throughout the whole movie. No sad scene at the end, heart wrenching scenes throughout. I think being a parent it touched my differently. Watching movies like that makes me so thankful for a healthy child. There are so many things that could go wrong, I am so thankful for Payton and her health.

At Larry and Kathy's dropping off Payton.

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  1. If you ever want to bring her over here on a Thursday night, I'll be happy to volunteer my time!