Friday, July 15, 2011

Summertime swimming

Some ladies from our Monday morning Bible study had a playdate at our friend Sheri's house who has a pool. The kids and the mommas had a blast. This is why I love summer!

Payton started out very fearful of the water, but after watching the older girls who were swimming like fish, she was doing great at the end.

Such adorable girls!

Snack time

Buster slept most of the time inside, so I got to play!

Face in the water, that is HUGE progress people. Emma cheering Payton on

Nora is fearless, granted it is her pool and she has older brothers, but that girl is everywhere!

Buster enjoyed his swimming time as well

Classic Buster pose

Not often I get pictures with both kids, they weren't looking, but at least they are in the picture :)

"Big Girl" Payton (another Payton who is older) collecting toys

The boys chillin - Cooper, Cohen (twins 2 weeks younger than Colton) and Colton

Hope you are outside enjoying the sun too!


  1. I am so jealous we missed this!! How fun!!!!!

  2. SO bummed I had to miss this! Looks like it was a great time!! I'll definitely be at the next playdate!