Monday, July 11, 2011

The girls are home!

Zack and Hil have both girls home!!!! You can catch up on their story HERE and HERE

Reese came home almost 2 months ago, and recently her sweet sister Ava joined her.

Ava leaving Children's Mercy with her custom made stroller to fit her equipment

First time both of the girls are in the car together

Sweet Ava, heading home for the first time

Ava still has a journey, she is on a ventilator, a g-tube and has her trach. They have around the clock nurses for at least 6 weeks as they transition to having her home

Tummy time for sisters!

Since they girls were so preemie (born at 26 weeks), their immune systems are so vulnerable. If they get a cold, they could end back at the NICU. After 6 months of being in the NICU, Zack and Hil don't want to take the girls back. Visitors are extremely limited, so I was excited this past weekend when I heard that they were going to be taking a dip in their pool in their backyard (right next door). I grabbed my camera and headed right over.  

I got these glasses for them for their 1 month old gift. I knew their mommy and daddy would be taking them outside when they got out of the hospital, had to have my girls in style.

Matching swimsuits

Ava fell right asleep, "I get it girl, that sun and pool can wear you out!" Ava is slowing being weaned off her steroids which will eventually help with the swelling in her face. I think she just looks like a fat happy baby, it is that skinny sister of her that throws you off.

Reese getting kisses from Grammy - Zack and Hil both have amazingly supportive parents that have been able to come to help

I so want to grab those little girls and cover them with kisses, they are off limits for almost another year though. Especially since I have my own kids germs all over me :) 

So excited that both girls are home, I look forward to the day that come running over to my house, to play with our kids and I get to spoil them and kiss them then. That time will be here soon enough.

You can follow the rest of their journey on their own blog HERE


  1. Wow this is so amazing just proof that God is always there and watching. I am so happy they are both doing well!!!

  2. So glad that they are both home. Praying for a smooth journey as they transition to them both being home.