Saturday, December 12, 2009

Anderson Josiah Wiens

I started this blog in Florida and never posted it .... so here you go.

We are having such a great time in Florida. We love spending time with family. So many of you have asked about updates on my nephew Anderson. Jordan and Jaime had a meeting with Anderson's "team" of medical professionals on Friday. Jordan and Jaime were a little worried going into the meeting since they had seen some "things" on his MRI. We were all praying for little guy. GREAT NEWS! Things look fine. I can't remember all the medical explanations, but Anderson is looking so good that he doesn't have to return for another check-up for 6 months at his 1 year birthday!!!!! We give God the glory for taking care of this little guy. Here are some pictures of him. He has the best smile and laugh. We love our time with him. Even though Payton doesn't look happy in the last picture, she enjoys him too!

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