Thursday, December 24, 2009

Married Minds Think Alike

Steve and I are starting a new tradition this year. It is fun to be young and think about the traditions we want to start as a family. We bought each other PJ's and opened them Christmas Eve Even (yes the 23rd). Since we have Christmas Eve services(that go late), we knew that wouldn't work well so, we made our own rules and opened them on the 23rd. We then put them on and watched a movie. Payton didn't join us this year as she was in bed by 6pm as she was running a fever. Don't think she could have made a movie anyways.

I first had to laugh at our difference in wrapping, you will notice below our 2 styles. Steve didn't even want to wrap mine, he wanted to leave them in the store's bags. After I convinced him to wrap them, that opening the presents was some of the joy, he proceeded upstairs and "wrapped" my gifts. He said he couldn't find scissors, so you can see how wonderful they turned out.

The funny thing was that he opened my gift first and made fun of the pants because they were "boring" and gray. I went into my whole explanation of my shopping experience and how I landed on the gray ones, trying to prove to him my reasoning. I then proceeded to open mine (he did get me 2 tops and 1 pant) to find GRAY pants. I started laughing so hard. I guess after 5 years of marriage we have started to think alike. Out of all the options for PJ's, we both ended up with classic, simple gray pants.

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