Saturday, February 5, 2011

Date Night All Night Long!!!!

The Mr. and I got our first date night since C-man was born. With Payton our first date night was in the first week of her life, she was such an easy baby that we left her with whomever and she was quite content.  Little Man has not been quite as content. We didn't want to scare away anyone who has been gracious enough to watch Payton, loosing our chances for future babysitters. 

In come the Zimmers... Mike and Candice have E-man (Ethan) who is one of Payton's top 5! Ethan was very colicky for the first 4 months of his life, they went through a lot with him. They completely understand a fussy baby. E-man is one of the cutest little guys now, with one of the best smiles I have seen a little kid have.  They graciously brought dinner to us this week and Candice listened to my frustrations (completely understanding) while the kiddos played. They offered for us to have a date night and they would keep both the kids overnight (if we were comfortable with it). That was one of the most gracious offers we have received in a long time. 

I went back and forth whether or not to leave Colton. Payton was a no question, she has had multiple sleepovers before, she was good to go. I completely trust Mike and Candice, I just hated for them to be up all night with little man.  Well, C-man had 2 good nights leading up to last night and I figured we wouldn't have this offer anytime soon, and I really missed time alone with my husband. After discussing it again and making sure our friendship wouldn't be over if they were up all night with a fussy baby, we left both kids and headed out. 

E-man was not about the pictures

He was thinking "Mom, get this lady with the camera out of my face!"

No Florida tans for us, sunshine what?!?!

The lovely couple Mike and Candice

We had a great dinner out at Japanese Restaurant, and headed home to cozy up to watch a movie.  I was so craving some Frozen Custard (even though the temperature was probably in the single digits) but due to my dairy free diet for little man, I settled for some Purple Skittles. When we walked in the house, I soaked in the silence!

Side note here ..... I believe the dairy free diet is helping him BIG TIME. We are on day 4 and I have seen a difference in gas and his contentment.  I am hoping this continues.

It was so wonderful to sleep all night and wake up to our own bodies alarm, not the cries of one of our children.  To me a big splurge is breakfast out. That isn't something we get to do often, so we headed out to Cracker Barrel before picking up the kiddos.

Cracker Barrel Fireplace (Steve makes so much fun of me for the pictures I take for this blog, I see the eyes roll often)

Thank you so much to the Zimmers for the complete night out! That was a gift that was rejuvenating. The good news was Colton was so good. He fell asleep at 9pm (he hasn't gone down that early for us yet) and didn't wake up until 4am, took his bottle and slept until 7:30am. I am so glad they had a great night, he was a content, happy guy and Payton was thrilled to be with E-man. She did not want to leave and is now asking when E-man is going to come to go night-night at Pay Pay's house. I am now more confident to leave them with other sitters, without the fear of losing relationships due to his fussiness.  We are so thankful for wonderful people in our lives.

Have a great Saturday, I am off to nap while the kids are down!


  1. what great friends! Glad you got some time for you two!! Love and Miss you!

  2. this is Jessica, not Michael by the way..I don't know why it come up that way :-)

  3. I love date nights, but when they are followed by breakfast with no kiddies, it feels like a vacation!! How relieving to know baby C slept so well!

  4. What wonderful friends to offer to watch the kids and I'm really impressed that you were able to leave him. So glad the night went well for everyone.

  5. Yay! That is so exciting Erin! I am so happy that you both were able to go out and have a great time and sleep in the next morning. Glad to also hear about the dairy free diet. It really does make a difference. I am slowing down on the BF so I was going to try to enjoy my first ice cream and glass of milk this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed :) I will have my first night without Jaden this weekend for Mary Johnston's wedding. I am a little apprehensive but I am sure going to enjoy sleeping in!

  6. what amazing friends! miss you guys so much!!