Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed in

Well the blizzard that hit much of the country got us. I believe we got about 1 foot of snow. Today the sun is out, but the wind chill is not supposed to get over 0.  Yes that is a big fat 0! The kids and I are staying home and warm today. These last few days has given me a good chance to catch up cutting coupons, doing laundry and organizing my recipe book.

Colton not crazy about his tanning/vitamin D experience

Basking in the sun

We had a break through today (not necessarily a good one), Payton has officially learned how to open doors. This means training time. She let herself out of her room after her nap (very short one).

Checking out snow and hiding in curtains

View from front window, Steve shoveled the driveway, he missed the help we had when he was hurt :)


Trying to keep a 2 year-old busy while snowed in

I have to give my SIL Jaime credit for this craft. She had the best Christmas present this year. A bunch of prepared craft activities and a huge supply of necessities for crafting.

This was a pasta necklace, great for hand eye cordination

One difficult things about bringing out the baby gear is that Payton thinks she can play with things that she is too big for.
She calls these her "green beans game" My parents as teachers lady recommended this "indoor sandbox"

We are working on keeping the beans on the mat, by the end of the playtime they are usually everywhere

And by the way, to all my Florida friends, I am thinking about de-friending you on Facebook the next time we have a blizzard and you brag about your 70 degree weather.  I think it might hit 30 here this weekend! Oh Spring, I long for you. 


  1. Love your sister-in-law's Christmas gift with all the prepared crafts. That is a GREAT idea!

  2. When we were in Missouri, I LOVED Parents as Teachers! My lady was AWESOME. I really miss that program.

  3. We have a bean bowl, too! What a mess! :p