Saturday, February 19, 2011

Florida #1

This is Payton's new "cheese" face. She used to hate the camera and a few days ago she decided she was going to "smile"

We are loving our time in Florida. Spending as much time with family and friends and being outside as much as possible. Some photos from our trip so far.

Had our traditional Dunkin Donuts coffee and donuts with my Grandma. Payton joined the tradition this time. Note my extremely pale face, I look sick and tired. My goal is to have some color upon my return to KS. I still might look tired as I am not getting good sleep, but color will help.

One of our many wagon rides

Playing with Mimi on the playground

Swinging, (note the smile)

Great-Grandma on lookout duty

Getting my workout. Payton loved flying and falling down together.

Callie got to meet Colton

Most everyone knows Payton's boo, but this is Boo Sr (Callie gave Payton her Boo when she was born in honor of her own)

So thankful for my best friend

Her smile once more

I am still amazed she keeps looking at the camera

I hope I look as good as my mom does at her age :)

Cousin Jodie has joined us for the weekend, the girls having a tea party

My high school girlfriend Katie and her little guy Andrew came for a visit. Can you tell which one of us lives in Florida? Katie is expecting #2 little guy in May. So thankful for friendships that have survived the years!

Cousins cuddling

Colton gets to join them

These 2 have played so well together, it is so fun to watch them at this age

Payton wants to do everything Jodie is doing. We are even wearing a bow because Jodie wanted one. Payton has also learned "I'm scared" from Jodie, not as thrilled about that one :)

Warm enough for water!
The girls     

Missing our daddy, but loving Florida. Trusting Steve is having fun hunting, we haven't heard from him, so assuming no news is good news.  

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