Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Check out her rack!

Technically it is HIS rack, but I wanted to get more people's attention.

You know I don't enter my kids into cutest kids contests, honestly we all think our own kids are the cutest, hello, they came from us. 

Honesty alert here - I really didn't think one of my children was that cute as a baby, I won't say which one but I do think she is absolutely beautiful today, we all have awkward stages, hopefully her's is behind her (I love you sister bear).

So I am married to an outdoors man, a manly man, who did not like the idea of me making his son's big-boy bedroom a nautical theme because he thought it was too girly (we have compromised here, when the room is done you will see).

This carry-my-gun/bow-and-slaughter-animals-that-happen-to-walk-in-front-of-me-during-season man has entered a contest. 

There is a contest for the best Trail Cam pic. Now many of you, especially my friends who like me pre-Steve knew nothing about hunting, are wondering A WHAT?

So hunting is a little more sophisticated that I knew it to be. These men actually have camera's up on the property they hunt, scoping out the best deer to kill. 


I will end my rambling/commentary with a plea to vote for my husband. Hundreds of photos were submitted and the judges choose the top 10 and opened it up for public voting. There are some sweet prizes (if you are into that sort of thing) available. 

Steve made the top 10, but let's just say, he needs our help now.

He told me last night that some other wife must have posted it on her blog because 1 guy got 100 votes in one day. Top 3 get prizes, please take a minute to vote.

 Vote for "THE FREAK by Steve"

If you care to know why it is called the Freak, he has about 17 points on his rack which is absolutely ridiculous.  He is smaller then some of the others, but most of them have under 12 points. I won't go into the whole "how-you-score-a-deer" bit, because technically THE FREAK wouldn't score high on Boone and Crockett, but it is a really cool dear.

Thank for you voting for my adorable-cutesy  rugid-outdoorsman HUSBAND

Not the Freak (deer) but I won't say one way or another about the other dear :)

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