Sunday, September 16, 2012

We won!!!!!

Steve and I were completely blown away. 

When we posted this POST on Wednesday, we were in 7th place with 46 votes. Then you guys started rolling in with the votes. All of a sudden, we thought, hey we might actually get 3rd place and get a prize pack. 2nd and 1st place were so far off (1st was literally a couple hundred votes away) so we were excited for 3rd.  3rd place saw that we were getting close, and hurried to add more votes, but eventually we passed him. 

Then, we got close to 2nd, and thought that would be so cool to get 2nd. As we started getting close, 2nd place upped his votes and started pulling ahead, then all of a sudden we left him our dust. We were still over 100 votes from first and just thrilled to get second.

Disclaimer - I saw "WE" really the prizes are completely for my husband as they are all hunting, but this was me entering my husband's world and I am competitive, so I was up for it.

By Thursday night and Friday "WE" became a lot bigger. We were floored by the number of you that were circulating the contest in your areas of influence, even one friend who has friends all over the world that they were recruiting to vote. Our numbers started climbing BIG time. 

Friday night we tried to watch a movie, but we laughing and enjoying watching our numbers come real close to 1st place. We know others were watching the numbers too. At one point a friend text me saying "Bean (the 1st place guy) just woke his grandma up and had her vote." Bean, who was sitting comfortably all week in 1st, started to scramble. He was working hard and in the last few hours got over 70 votes. 

It still wasn't enough for the brute force of all of you!  We ended the contest in 1st PLACE with 505 votes! Bean came in 2nd with 463 and Big 10 in 3rd place with 327.

The first place prize pack was just that much better than the other 2 places. It is valued over $1000! We are just so giddy to have won (Steve probably wouldn't describe himself as giddy but he is super excited). 

We can't say THANK YOU enough to all who voted, we were just floored with your support.

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  1. That's seriously SO awesome!! Tell Steve super congratulations from us!!! :)