Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stay Home Days

Stay home day is PJ wearing, no make-up kind of day.
As we have gotten back into the swing of schedules, I have realized how important Wednesdays are for me and the kids.

Wednesday = Stay Home Day

Both Sister Bear and myself need this day.

I have learned as Payton has gotten older that she is a homebody. She is still getting used to going to school again, she whines that she doesn't want to go, yet when I pick her up she has loved it. Her teacher asked why she didn't want to go to school and she said she wanted to stay home and do craft projects with mommy. When it is bedtime and I tell her the next day is a stay home day, she gets so excited. Last Wednesday was beautiful so I took them to the park in the morning, and it seems that wasn't even the best fit for our day. She loves a day we stay in our PJ's and just hang around the house all day.  No agenda!

Ironically, we don't have a busy schedule that I would think she needs a break from. We have chosen to keep her out of activities until she is older, allowing freedom for family time and flexibility in our schedule. I can't imagine how she would be if we were actually running around all the time.

I need the day for housework and laundry. I have seen so many different schedules people use for cleaning, many include a little housework/laundry each day. I have learned that doesn't work for me. I am a person who likes to complete a task when I start it. Laundry feels like it goes on forever if I am doing a load each day. It seems to get stuck on our floor folded in a basket for much longer when I slowly work on it. Same for housework, I love the sense of a freshly cleaned home. Now I know everyone is in different stages and has different schedules, there might be a day that I have to do small tasks each day, but at the season we are in, and knowing my personality I need a day to get "everything" done. It helps that we have our Community Group at our home on Wednesday evenings, so I want the house to be clean for that. I have recruited my helper, Sister enjoys dusting and cleaning windows right now.

So if you need us on Wednesday, we will be at home, sporting PJ's and all-natural faces, if you stop by we would love to have you in, I just might put a mop in your hand.

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