Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bob, Boo and Baby

Our afternoon nap has returned! For some reason, this past week, Payton has been fighting her afternoon nap. She will play some and whine some for over an hour before I have given up and gone to get her. She is majorly teething, as she is a constant snot and drool face right now. Not sure if that is what is bothering her naps, but today pulled out the infant Tylenol we had a good 2 hour nap. I knew she wasn't ready to give up this nap yet, as she has been a 2 nap/2 hour baby all the way until last week.

Yesterday I was trying to keep her interest and I gave her "Bob." I named him Bob, because I thought Boo needed a friend with a name she could say. When we were expecting Payton, I was determined I was having a boy. My parents went on an Alaskan cruise and came back with a baseball cap and a moose. The items have been sitting on her shelf on her wall long before she entered the world. I noticed them the other day and decided it was time for them to come down. I tried the baseball cap on, and thanks to the Southards head, that bad boy did not fit. Hopefully there is a baby brother one day to wear that hat when he is little.

Payton did take to bob very well. Boo is her soulmate, she has to have him to sleep, so I was surprised how quickly she let Bob enter the relationship. Enjoy the pics of her and her 2 men that she sleeps with.

This next picture is what her floor in her room looks like everyday. I could be what some consider a clean freak, so I have had to let it go with the books. Every night I stack them on the shelf, and every morning she takes them all right down. At least she spends some time looking at the books.

We had our friends 3 1/2 month old baby Clara over for a few hours this morning. Their regular sitter had a doctors appointment, so we got to hang out with her for a bit. It was so cute, Payton wanted to keep looking at her. She even had the word "baby" down within an hour. She loves B words, hence Bob's name.

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  1. so cute! I hope she gets a baby brother too! how cute would he be!!! Jealous of your 2/2hr naps! lol, still trying to get my man to sleep through the night!! Up every 3 hrs the past 2 weeks!! Help!! Anyway, looking forward to seeing you soon :)