Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From Snow to Sunshine!

OFF TO FLORIDA WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Team Southards heads in 2 different directions. Steve left a little after 5 this morning for an annual hunting trip to Texas. He is so blessed to have this opportunity, and every year he tells me this is a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity. Now that he has gone 5 times, I am not sure if he can use that line anymore. I am so excited for him. Hunting is such a refreshing time for him and he has such intimate time with the Lord in the tree stand. Here he is, early this morning, on his way out. He is like a little kid in a candy shop while packing for Texas.

(He took my camera with him, so I am left with iPhone camera until I get to Florida and can use my family's camera)

Payton and I leave for Florida mid-day. Our flight is at 1:20, so I need to go get our final things together. She is supposedly napping, but I hear her talking up there. I think she is excited like her momma and can't sleep because we get to go to the warm sunshine!

She woke up and asked to put my sunglasses on to get ready for the sunshine!

I have done a terrible job about not gloating. I am just so excited to see family and be outside in flip flops. Payton is at such a fun stage right now, I am excited for the Wiens family to get to enjoy her.

For my family and friends in Florida, see you soon!


  1. Erin- I happened to stumble upon your blog through Lindsays and have enjoyed reading it! Payton is such a little dolly! I hope that you all have safe travels and have a great time visiting your family. The kids and I are planning a trip down to Fla. in a couple of weeks so I can understand your excitement. Florida is one of our favorite places to be. Have fun!


  2. have a safe trip! hopefully we'll actually get to see each other and hang out!