Monday, February 22, 2010

Rain Boots, Marathon, Painting and Payton

I seem to have random postings, so here is another one :)


I forgot to brag on my husband for Valentines Day. He got my rain boots! Now you may ask what ever prompted him to buy me rain boots and the answer is ME. I have wanted some for awhile, but couldn't bring myself to purchase them because they are more fun than practical. My "slush" fund is limited every month and I seem to find things I want more to spend that money on. So I dropped a few hints, and I got to open up my very own rain boots on Valentine's Day. It doesn't take much to keep me happy. I got to wear them yesterday as our freezing rain and snow mix was causing all sorts of yuckiness outside.


I want to take a second to brag on my best friend Callie. She ran her first Marathon this past weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It wasn't a huge race, so she ran most of the 2nd half all by herself! She didn't see other runners and very few spectators. She even said the cops who were blocking the streets really didn't cheer much. Her training partner backed out on her a few days before (she did the half marathon instead, so she ran the first 10 with Callie). She is such a trooper to stick it out and finish! I am so proud of her. Maybe one day we will run one together.


Here is a video that I shot this morning with my digital camera. The quality isn't the best, but you can see Payton saying hello (one of her favorite words), she says Mommy (she moved from mama to mommy and this absolutely melts my heart), she shakes her head no (which she loves to do), she stands up and blows a kiss. Sorry about the end when I turn the camera, I didn't know it did that. Enjoy



We have some of the best neighbors. Sara next door often watches Payton in the day for me when I need to get some errands done without her. She recently re-did her almost 3 year-old son's bedroom. She did a great wall that looks camouflage, I am sure Steve will love for our son to have a similar room. She was getting rid of old furniture and I told her I would be more than happy to take it off her hands. I love free furniture to play around with and fix up. I found a $5 OOPS can of paint from Lowes. I was very happy with the color that goes well with the yellow that will be Payton's big girl room when she moves out of the crib.

Heading to Florida tomorrow!!!!!

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