Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Please

This is what I see outside my house today. Ice, snow, freezing rain, blowing rain and snow. I leave for Florida in 2 days, can't say I am sad to leave this behind.

I am trying to bring a little spring inside, found these pillows at Home Goods. The floral pillows are some of my favorite pillows I have seen to match my current couches, but take my decor in a different direction, they bridge the gap between what I have and what I would like to eventually have decor wise. The only problem was these pillows are out of my budget. I bought them with the idea that I will try to find similar fabric and make my own. I was also proud of myself for mixing fabrics and styles. I am usually so matchy-matchy, that I am learning to be outside the box. If anyone sees similar fabric, let me know.

Friday and Saturday we headed to my in-laws lake house. We love getting away for a few days. When we are at the lake house, we stay in our pjs all day, watch movies and read magazines. It is great quality time. While we were there, I went on a hunt for driftwood. I have seen a few ideas recently with decorating with driftwood. The lake is really low right now, so I searched the shore and found a few beautiful pieces. I love the fact that these will be in my home and I found them myself at the lake, which is a very special place for the Southards family.

While at the lake house, Payton was playing in the bathroom, throwing objects into the tub. Before we knew it, we hear a bang and a huge cry. I walk into the bathroom to find her sitting in the tub, wet (I had just taken a shower) and blood dripping down her face. First thing I think is, "I hope this doesn't scar." As a teenager, Payton would remind me that I let her hurt herself, and now she has a scar for the rest of her life right across her face. Good news was once we got the bleeding to stop, the cut wasn't as bad as I first thought. But now my poor child has a scar face, with a bruise starting to show and I am getting questioned by everyone. This was her sleeping in her car seat on the way home from church. Notice the puffer jacket she is wearing in our freezing weather, that will stay in KS, no need for that in FL! Hoping that when we get back, the weather is more like Spring and we won't need that jacket here anymore either :)

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