Friday, February 5, 2010

Gluing, Sewing, Painting, and Tying knots

It is definitely Winter in full swing here in Kansas. So that means I have had extra time in the house as anyone who lives in cold weather knows it is no fun to bundle up a little child and take them in and out of car seats and stores. So enjoy the projects that have happened the last 2 weeks in the Southards' household.

(We are also in the process of the master bedroom makeover, those pictures will come later).


Back in September I painted our front room. You can check it out HERE . It is one of favorite rooms in the house. The only problem was that I had a large blank wall. I had been looking all over for something to cover that wall, but everything I liked was out of my budget. So I got the idea to use fabric from my new favorite fabric store and cheap art canvas to make my own "artwork"

I started out stapling the fabric on the canvas, but ran out of staples, and since I am get it done girl who doesn't like to stop projects, I moved to my hot glue gun to finish up the project.

An hour and $25 later, my art work! The fabric was $12 and using my good old Micheal's coupon, the canvas was $13, so yes a grand total of $25!

I am pleased with the results. This is my inspiration room.


Time for my winter pillow coverings. I had done some back in the fall (HERE) but needed some for winter. Again, material from my new favorite store Home Fabrics & Rugs, that cost me $6 for 2 yards. So all 4 pillows covered for under $6! I have the idea to embellish them a bit, but haven't gotten around to it.


With the change of our master bedroom, we have been moving around some little pieces of furniture. This was one of my nightstands (I started sanding before taking the picture, so it did look better in my room). We have moved up to a king size bed, that dwarfed this little guy so he needed a new home and a new paint job.

With a little paint from an "oops" can that I had picked up a Lowe's awhile back ($2) our little friend has a new home next to my reading chair in my favorite room.

In the year and a half that we have lived here, I have never been quite content with our mantel. It is a very large mantel that goes the whole width of the room. I had painted the back vase awhile back and had picked up the purple guys from an estate sale recently for $5 total. I liked their shape but knew I would change colors. So out came the handy dandy spray paint for our makeover. I did learn my lesson this time. I went the really cheap route and bought $1 spray paint and I wish I had bought the "better" brand for $5. I could really tell a difference in the ease and quality. Anyways, they still turned out alright, you can't look to closely though.

It works, still not crazy about the mantel set-up, but good news is that gives me more opportunity to find creative ways to decorate!


I have been wanting to make Payton a fleece no-sew blanket. I have many friends up here that little kiddos have one. My challenge was I didn't want it to be too babyish, so she could use it for awhile. All the fleece at JoAnn's was to cutesy for me. While at Hobby Lobby the other day, I saw the zebra print and knew exactly what I wanted. Every girl needs something in zebra and pink in her closet. The blanket is about the size of her crib mattress. I think I like it better than she does at this point, but I am hoping she likes is more the older she gets :)


  1. I love all your projects! Everything looks great.

  2. Thanks for the ideas. The fabric covered canvas is wonderful, and so easy!! And I love the nightstand turned side-table-very chic. You inspire me, Keep the photos coming!!