Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boxes and Beads

We have made it to Florida. Weather has been cool here, the 60's, but feels great to us. I have been doing what I do best here, SHOPPING! Mom and I went out the first day and Cayla and I went out yesterday.

Payton has been enjoying her time as well. She is not short on love and attention. Yesterday, she spend the better part of the day playing with a box and some beads. Who needs toys?

Great-grandma was pushing Payton around in the box.

The beads would go on and off, on and off, all day long.

I love my dad. One thing about my dad that I remember growing up is that he had the newest gadgets. He was even called Pastor Gadget because he would read the Bible off his Palm Pilot while preaching. Well, his gadget obsession is still around, now fortunately, he enjoys some cheaper items, not always the technological ones. We were out shopping the first night and he and Payton spent a long time in Bed Bath & Beyond. Out he came with a cushion seat for Great-grandma, a cleaner for the inside of your windshield, and tongs that can be used to pull your corn out of the hot water, then has a circle to cut the corn off the cob, he also special ordered a cafe latte, to make a variety of hot drinks at home. I found myself laughing, thinking about his goodies, and he was a good sport to pose for a picture.

I was so excited to make it to IKEA! If I lived closer, I would have bought so many more items. They have some great fabric, but I couldn't think of anything I needed fabric for. If I didn't have to fly home, my cart would have full. I did find a few items I wanted for our master bedroom makeover. It is so fun to walk around that store. Makes me want to do over our whole house!

Today Jordan, Jaime and the kids are coming over for the day to celebrate Jordan and my birthday. Looking forward to a fun day with family. Wish Steve was here too, but I am sure he is quite content in TX hunting. Spoke with him yesterday, no big kills for him yet. He dropped his gun and broke the scope, so he is using one of the lease's guns. He is thankful to have a gun to use, but disappointed that it isn't his that he is comfortable with.

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