Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Florida update

We have been having fun in Florida. A few more days until we head home. Here are some highlights of our trip to far...

Monday we visited with my dear girlfriends Lindsay and Jessica. In KS, Payton is usually surrounded by girls, not so here in Florida. All my friends here pretty much have boys. Lindsay has 2 boys that are only a year apart. Payton has a hard time choosing between to the 2, but decided to go for the older one because he can drive her around. Jessica's little guy is only about 5 months old, Payton enjoys the men who can at least sit up on their own.

Joshua, the younger brother, got a little jealous of Andrew and Payton, so he asked to join. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of the moms or the little Easton.

Sunday I met Callie in Vero Beach and hung out with her at Starbucks for a few hours. The sun was out and the air was perfect, I even got little tan lines from sitting outside. That evening I was able to catch up with 2 of my high school guy friends Miguel and Steve. Miguel lives in Boston and was in Orlando for his nephew's baptism, and long story short, we happened to figure out that we were in town at the same time and we all met up for dinner. Again, no pictures from that day, I was enjoying all my conversations that I forgot to bring out the camera. I am so thankful for old friends.

Saturday (I am working backwards here) we had a birthday dinner for myself and my older brother Jordan. Jordan turned 30 earlier in February, and Saturday was my 28th birthday. The kiddos were there for the celebration. Jodie is almost 3 and Anderson is 9 months. I love seeing them.

Jordan has such a baby face, people would never guess he is 30.

Jodie taking pictures of Aunt Erin. When Jodie arrived and saw me and said Aunt Erin with the biggest smile on her face as she ran towards me, it just melted my heart. I miss seeing her and Anderson. Anderson is doing very well. He is so much fun and has the best smile and laugh. He is developing very well.

Payton and I enjoying a warm day outside. The weather has turned cold again and it won't warm up until after we leave.

Last night Colin made dinner for the ladies (me, mom and grandma). My brother is amazing in the kitchen. We really didn't have much and yet somehow he whipped up this Eggs Benedict Salad. It had some of the best flavor I have had in a meal in a long time. I laughed because if I made this at home, Steve would ask what was next. Salads aren't considered meals to him.

This morning I was showing Payton pictures of her daddy on my phone. She was so cute because she kept kissing him in the phone. We later did iChat with Steve and Payton kept reaching her arms towards the screen wanting him to pick her up. He said she is going to wonder why her daddy wouldn't pick her up. It was so nice to see my husband's face. We love visiting Florida, but I miss my husband. Here is a picture of one of the bucks Steve got in TX, this one is going to be an European Mount for the man cave at home. He is so hot! I never imagined camo could look so good until I met Steve.

Grandma and I have a tradition of having Dunkin Donuts coffee every time when I come in town. We started is a year ago when I first came with Payton, and it is such special time for me. Grandma will be 89 this year, and I take advantage of the time I get to have with her. She is very healthy for her age, but she is only getting older.

Doesn't she look good for her age. Never colored her hair, I hope that is passed down to me.

Enjoying our time in Florida!

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  1. good post! Your gma is the cutest ever!! Had a blast with you girls and guys! :) We need to get a good pic next time!