Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seven Day Birthday Party

My birthday fell when I was in Florida and Steve was in Texas. He told me when I left, not to expect anything from him while I was in Florida, to be prepared upon my return home. He said that while sitting in the tree stand in Texas (which is hours and hours) he dreamed up an idea to give me gifts for the first 7 days upon my arrival home.

We have had discussions all our marriage about our love languages. His no question is words of affirmation. The joke is that I have all 5 as a need so he had a big job in front of him. Looking back, that wasn't really fair for him, as it was setting him up not to be able to focus on one or two. Before I left, we discussed how gifts is a big one to me, probably even more, because Steve is so tight with money. People have complimented him on the great idea and what an amazing job he is doing with this gift giving, and he is quick to say that he hasn't done well with this area, and is making up for lost time. As the receiver of the gifts, I am so touched by the thought he has put into each gift.

So here are gifts 1-4 (today is gift 5)

Do you see the theme? Somehow I feel like he is benefiting from my gifts. Each day has a bag from VS, but each day doesn't contain something from there.

Gift 1 - choosing not to share this one as it is a personal item from VS :)
Gift 2 - a white bikini from VS, Steve has always wanted me to have a white bikini, since I wouldn't go spend the money on it, he did (again works well for him)
Gift 3 - see picture below

I was really excited about this sewing box. With me starting to sew, I have thought about purchasing one of these, but couldn't find one I really like enough to spend money on it. He chose a great one! I was so excited about this because he had to do some research and figure out what would work for my new hobby. He did put it in a VS bag for fun. He thought he was so tricky :)

Gift 4 - A VS item and a note with $. The note stated that in the next few days I was to go shopping by myself, he would watch Payton and I could not come home until I had spent the $ on myself. He knows how much I love to go shopping, yet don't always spend much on myself. I was so touched by this, because once again, he was thoughtful to think what I would enjoy doing.

3 more days to go, I will be sad for this week to be over. I will keep you updated as we progress :)


  1. Go Steve! He really is doing an awesome job with your birthday! Please feel free to tell him that Dave could use some pointers after this years "fiasco" with my birthday gifts! :)

  2. Um... Can you please tell Steve to tell Zach about that sewing box? It is so cute!

  3. wow, I can't believe my little cousin who used to sit on me could be so thoughtful! enjoy your lovely gifts, and happy birthday!