Friday, March 26, 2010

Date night

Date night last night. We headed out to dinner at Tannah's, an Asian Fusion restaurant. I remember when I was in high school and would babysit, I didn't understand how parents could go out to dinner for hours, it didn't take that long to eat. Well, now that I am a parent, I completely understand how you can sit for a few hours at dinner with your husband and enjoy every minute of it. Great time to focus on each other and dream about the future together.

A wonderful couple from church Brian and Janie watched Payton. A couple months back, when Brian walked into church, Payton reached out to have him hold her, she left me for him, I believe he was hooked on her since then. When we got to their house around 10, she was still up. They said she wouldn't go down so they were trying to rock her and she looked like she was ready to crash, then jumped up and got a second wind. She was hilarious, she was walking like she was drunk because she was so tired. They have a son in high school and they said she took a liking to him. I am starting to get a little worried because she seems to like older men. She loves her uncle Ben who is in high school too. We ended up staying and watching the rest of the K-State game and she was full of energy. We got in the car after 11 when she finally crashed. She was funny, because she was so happy the whole time until we put her in the car, she screamed for about 30 seconds, then crashed. It was a party night for her as well.

This morning daddy and Payton had breakfast together. One thing her daddy does with her is find videos on YouTube of animals and they watch them together. She doesn't ever watch TV, so she becomes mesmerized. She loves watching animals right now.

It is a sunny day in Kansas today! Looking forward to spending time outside with Steve on his day off!

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