Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Dunkin Donuts

Every Monday in March, Dunkin Donuts is giving you a free medium coffee. No purchase necessary, just walk your little self in there, order an iced or hot medium coffee and you walk out without paying a penny. Now of course we had to get a yummy to go along with our coffee, and that does cost you :)

We went with our next door neighbor Sara and her little guy Nicholas. Sara and I swap out watching kiddos often in the daytime, it is a huge help for me. Payton loves Sara and Nicholas (I really think she loves all of Nicholas' toys).

We got a new "toy box" for the family room, since our toys were starting to flow over our little basket. Payton spends so much time sitting in this box as well.

Today Payton has been walking A LOT! She is probably walking more than crawling right now. She will go all the way across the room by herself. Soon enough she will be taking off for good.


  1. Love that Toy box. We need something like that because our toys are everywhere! My little basket isn't cutting it any more.

  2. Is your "toy box" from target? It looks like one I was considering for my apartment before I found an antique trunk that I love... Anyway, the trunk is cute, but the kid is cuter! :)