Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Seven Day Birthday Party completed

Sadly my extended birthday party is over. I was getting real used to having a gift every morning. As you can see from the picture below, there was a theme. The last 3 days included a personal item from VS and an experience. The beginning of the week had more gifts, the end had experiences.

Gift #5: My choice of dessert place and celebration with our family. I found a new place that was about 30 min away called Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard. I loved it. Payton was in her PJ's as she didn't take an afternoon nap that day, so she slept to and from the custard shop. If you are local and haven't visited Foo's, it is worth the trip.

We only had my camera phone, so excuse the poor quality pictures.

Foo's also has a local chocolatier, I took this little piece of heaven home with me and enjoyed it the next day. It was chai flavor!

Gift #6: Celebration with the husband! Steve took me out for sushi at STIX at the Legends. Then let me decide what to do afterwards. He humored me and walked around shopping with me.

Our friend Kayla watched Payton for us. Kayla and her boyfriend Dustin are a part of our community group. They are moving this week back to Ness, KS which is 5 hours away. We are going to miss them and they are going to miss Payton.

Gift #7: Celebration with a friends. Steve had a few friends over to our home Friday evening for dessert. We had a low-key night, as I had painted for 9 hours on Friday (look for a post soon about our master bedroom makeover) and was worn out.

I was so thankful for Steve's thoughtfulness towards my birthday. My love bank was filled up by him. Many girls had mentioned that there husbands used to do things like this and they wish they would take lessons from Steve. Steve is quick to say that he didn't do things like this before, so he is making up for lost time. It took many conversations to get to this point. Don't loose hope that your husband can't do something similar.

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  1. I think I've had that chocolate before. At Dean and Deluca you can sample the chocolate... well I think sample as they cut the chocolate up in 4 small pieces or whatever. No, they give you an entire chocolate piece to sample! And they say "want to sample another one?" You could just sample a whole box of chocolates there!