Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Monday Thoughts (on Wednesday)

Steve spoke this weekend, continuing the series Jesus in His Own Words. I am a little late in my commentary, but here we go. Luke 19:28-40

How many times do we have an expectation for something or someone, that quite frankly, is not the reality. Could be a movie that was hyped up, when you went to see it, it just didn't do it for you. Could be a relationship that you had pictured in your head to turn out one way, and when it was all said and done, that wasn't what happen. This might have been what happened for some people a couple thousand years ago. Steve suggested that people expected the Messiah to come in on a war horse, to be strong, bold, outspoken, loud, and turn the government upside down. The true Messiah came in to town on a borrowed donkey. Yup, a borrowed donkey. No glitz, no glamor, people didn't even recognize him (Luke 19:39-40). Maybe that is the reason that on Palm Sunday, the crowd was crying out praises towards him, yet 5 days later the crowd yelled, "Crucify him, crucify him!" Maybe they expected something different. Has there been a time in your life where the outcome wasn't what you prayed for, wasn't what you expected, Christ responded differently to your request? Were you able to see that He had good reason? Are you still frustrated with Him? Be honest with God, He wants to hear those things.

The crowds wanted a King to rule, but Jesus came to serve others. It is our bent as humans to want a God who will make us powerful and profitable, but He wants us to serve others. How can you relate?

The Messiah was expected to come in and change the political systems, but Christ came to change our personal lives. How many times have you thought, if God would only change my spouse, then I can be the spouse He has called me to, if God would only change my work environment, then I could show His love better to my co-workers? God is not as interested in changing the external situations as He is in changing the internal side of you. He wants you to be changed from the inside out, then, if true change is experienced, you wouldn't be so focused on God changing the external, but you doing what God has called/wired you to do.

Be honest with God, He wants to hear how you have felt let down by him. I would challenge you though, to ask him to change you from the inside. Maybe it is the fear of failure, ask Him for courage, maybe it is the uncertainty of the future, ask Him for faith to take one step at a time. God has unfailing love and power for your life, let Him inside, to do His work in you!

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