Thursday, March 25, 2010

St. Louis and Indiana

Last week we made a trip to Indiana, stopping in St. Louis along the way. Steve had meetings in Indiana, and couldn't find a flight home on Saturday under $600, so we decided to make a road trip, and drop Payton off at Papa and Gigi's on the way.

We spent the night in STL, and my MIL treated me to a pedicure Thursday before we left. It was so much fun getting pampered. I actually painted my toes turquoise, a fun color that I don't own. I always choose pink, trying to get out my box a little. It was nice to have my toes out of shoes, ready for Spring.

It was such a beautiful spring day! We went for a walk before we left.

The Southards Girls

Payton has learned to say Papa, Gigi, and Ben. She is adding words to her vocab everyday!

Steve and I stopped at Ted Drews on the way out of town. It is a local hot spot in STL for frozen custard that is so yummy!

I didn't get anymore pics the rest of the trip. I often forget to get the camera out and snap shots. We visited with some great friends up there. Steve had his meetings and I had some alone time. I was able to shop at Trader Joe's which made me so sad that we don't have one here.

Payton did an excellent job. Slept well, ate well, played hard. Gigi said she loved the cars, trucks and tractors. She also loved hunter the dog and Oreo the cat. She loves animals right now. We also weaned her while I was gone. Being away for a few days was a great time for weaning. She did an excellent job and hasn't asked to feed from me since we have returned. She had gotten to the point she signed "more" and pulled my shirt up or down. I thought it would be harder on her then it was. I didn't think it would be so hard on me. But I went from 3 feedings to 0 from me in less than 2 weeks. My body is feeling it! Next time I will take the advice of dropping 1 feeding a week.

I left Indy wearing flip flops and shorts, it was 70 degrees. We drove all day Saturday, picked Payton up in STL, then headed home to about 8 inches of snow and freezing weather. I was still in flip flops and shorts. It was one of the scariest drives from Columbia to Kansas City. The weather man described the roads as treacherous. Steve had white knuckles. I do wish we had a picture of him carrying me in the house, because we had to park the rental car outside in the snow and my flip flops wouldn't have worked.

We had a great trip, so thankful for Papa and Gigi who were able to love on Payton while Steve and I had alone time and great time with friends.

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