Monday, March 29, 2010


Friday is Steve's day off, so our weekend starts then. It was a beautiful Spring day outside, still a little chilly, but the sun was out in full force. We headed out to one my favorite places, the Arboretum. I haven't been that often when everything is brown, I look forward to in about a month when this place lights up with color!

Tried Payton in the back carrier with our Ergo. We have only worn her in the front, and really haven't used it that much as she has gotten bigger, I can see myself taking her on walks in the woods this spring with her in the back. We were next to a pond, and she was pointing at the fish. She loves anything that moves right now.

Saturday was Spring Fest at our church. Here are some highlights.

Payton and her BFF Addi both walking! They are 4 weeks apart to the day (Payton is older) and they both have just started walking.

Here is a flash back about 8 months ago, when they were learning just to sit up.

Lyndsey and myself with our girls. They want to get down and move!

Payton really like the bunny from a distance, kept pointing and making squeals, up close, she wasn't as sure.

During her first egg hunt, she sat down most of the time, looking at the candy right next to her.

Mommy tried coaching her to put the eggs and candy in the bag. Daddy tried coaching her to pick up his favorite candy.

The real hunt for her was after most of the other kids left. She saw the cone for the starting line, and that is what she wanted.


Quick, mom, run, let's get away with the cone. She is walking everywhere now. We had a great turn out for the day.

After Spring Fest, a few girlfriends and I went shopping to an amazing fabric store in Lawrence, KS. This place made me want to redo everything in my house, each room have a different color theme. I will definitely be back there again. Erin (who is right next time me) bought some fabric and made a great dress. Check it out HERE.


  1. SO jealous of your fabric store run! It looks amazing!! You probably won't believe that I've never been to Lawrence, you'll have to give me the name of the store so I can check it out sometime!

  2. If you are talking about the store in Lawrence I think you mean, it totally rocks! I picked out the fabric for the curtains Mom made for my first apartment there! Now those same curtains help hide the fact that I use a bookshelf as a pantry...

    Love Payton with the cone! :)