Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some days are a hard

I am a very blessed mom. I have a happy, funny, adorable child.... most of the time. Yesterday was not one of Payton and mommy's best days. Many of us often share the cute and funny stories about our children. I am here to share the rough day we had. I am sure there are many mom's who can top my story, and as Payton and our family grows, there will be many more stories, and many harder days.

Payton has been getting her molars in, so she really hasn't been herself for a week or so. She has moments in her days, where she throws her whole body on the floor, kicking and screaming because something didn't go her way. I usually watch her from a distance and calmly explain I would love help her, but she needs to calm down first. Yesterday she was screaming and kicking most of the day.

This week, if I take her out for errands, she has complete fits in the shopping cart. She has always sat pretty calmly, watching the world around her as I go through stores doing my errands. I have been guilty of watching other parents with unruly children, thinking that they need to take care of that. I was humbled yesterday. Payton had screaming fits in Hobby Lobby and Target. She somehow stood up in the back of the cart where I am, even with her seatbelt on. She moves her body all around, squirming her way out. She ended up standing in the cart like this little guy below. I tried to take a picture, but she wouldn't stop moving.

I was that mom, that others looked at thinking, "that isn't safe for your child." But that was the way I was able to have a calm child while I shopped. She would stand there smiling at everyone, waving at them, as they commented how cute she was. She was happy because she got her way. We did eventually leave a store because she wouldn't calm down. If I try to hold her, she throws her whole body forward screaming.

She hasn't been napping in the afternoon for the last few days, so our late afternoons haven't been fun either. A really tired and cranky child has been sitting on our floor, mad at the world.

Oh and eating, she has gotten really bad throwing her food all over the floor. My parents as teachers mentor suggested ending the meal when she threw food on the floor, and be consistent. The problem is, she does it in the beginning of the meal. I take her down and feed her more later. Yesterday was back and forth, throwing food, getting down, having a breakdown, then trying it all over again (between our errands out and trying naps). As soon as I take her out of her highchair she wants to sit on my lap and eat more food. It is a cycle.

So that a glimpse into my hard day. Steve came home and I was frustrated with Payton. I don't want to be that mom that is so negative, always whining about their children. I am blessed to have a happy healthy child.

Payton is such a fun age, but some days are hard.


Tuesday she did help me bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. She sat and played with the dishes the whole time I worked around her mixing them together. She as so funny to watch as her brain was processing different items I would give her.

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  1. Erin, Alex and I are going through the same thing. Fortunately, he still has never thrown a fit in a store although I know my days are numbered! But, he too is getting his molars and is also not napping in the afternoon and throwing food all over the place. It's definitely no fun! As I pray for patience to get through some of these more difficult days, I'll say a quick prayer for you too, knowing that you're going through the same thing. I just keep reminding myself...this too shall pass :)