Thursday, April 1, 2010


Spring is here and we are enjoying it! Some pics of Payton for your pleasure

Now that she has the walking thing down this is often my view of her, she is not afraid to wonder off.

Schedules are out the window right now. Some days we do 2 naps, some days 1. Everyday is different and I am learning to be flexible. Had to wake her up Tuesday at 4:30pm, I wanted to make sure she slept that night. She was so cute with the thumb, she really only sucks the thumb while she sleeps.

Went for a long walk yesterday, she won't leave those glasses on. She won't leave bows in her hair and she won't leave hats on her head.

We had our friends Matt and Mindy over for dinner last night. It was such a nice evening, we sat and ate dinner outside. We had shark stir-fry which is one of my favorite dinners. We lit candles and stayed outside way past sunset and the temp was so pleasant.

Payton not only feeds herself the spoon, she has started insisting on dipping her spoon into the bowl as well. She is an independent child.

Today was a crazy hair day. I think she wasn't feeling well. She is still teething, and when she got up from morning nap she was a hot mess. Her hair was curly and crazy all day.

Enjoying our first popsicle outside. Papa Southards had picked up this picnic table last year at a garage sale. We are so excited to be using it. She looks like a big girl sitting at it.

She wouldn't let go of that popsicle!


  1. Payton is deffinitely the cutest "hot mess" I've ever seen. :)