Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Colors

Winters can be long here in the great state of Kansas. I have been told all 3 winters that I have lived here that "this is the worst winter I can remember." That statement is starting to loose it's power in my book. As long as winters can drag on, I will say that I have been in awe every Spring. Maybe it is because I didn't grow up with Spring, but it amazes me how trees are transformed. I appreciate my God, who cares enough about us, to allow such life and brightness, after the dreary dark winter. I hope I never loose the wonder of Spring. Here are a few pictures from trees in our front yard. We only have a few trees, and once their leaves are here, they don't look that different to me (I am sure my mother-in-law who is a green thumb knows the difference, but to a novice like me, I can't tell) but the few weeks before the leaves arrive, they are radiant with different color.

This is my favorite, the whole tree is brilliant purple!

There are a lot of these white trees around Olathe. Driving I stare at them, thinking how pure they look.

These bad boys have already started to loose their flowers, they are all over the ground.

And because family members really want to see Payton, not trees, here she was yesterday playing with her oatmeal box and a couple odd and ends out of the drawers. It seems as though our trunk of toys doesn't get as much attention as the items from the kitchen.

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  1. I don't know who told you that last year's winter was the worst. That was the best one! It didn't even get below 0 that winter!