Monday, April 5, 2010


Last year I remember being really sad on Easter. I remember being at church, and what seemed to me like everyone had their families all around them, smiling, laughing, taking pictures. I had a new baby, and a husband who was really busy and felt very alone. This year was a different year. My heart does long to be near family, especially around the holiday's, but that isn't our reality. When we chose to follow God's plan for our lives, we submitted to his process, going where he called us. I am so thankful for the friends we have made here in Kansas. We don't have family, but we sure have a great group of people near us. I still feel lonely at times, because there is nothing like family, but we are so blessed for the wonderful people here. We had a great morning at church, then had some of those wonderful people over for brunch. There were 10 of us at brunch, I am so disappointed I forgot to take a picture of everyone. My casserole wasn't fully cooked at the time we were ready to eat, so I was busy trying to microwave pieces to hurry up the process. I do not like it when my plan does not work out. Oh well, we rolled with it, ate fruit and yummy breads first, then had the egg casserole later. Here are some pictures from the day.

Payton in her Easter dress. It was passed down from my wonderful sister-in-law who has given me so many amazing clothes. This one still had the tags on it. It is 6-12 months, but fit little miss wonderfully. I had to laugh though, because it is dry clean only. Really, dry clean only for a toddler? Who thinks of such horrible ideas? I don't even dry clean my own clothes, let alone my 14 month old clothes!

Payton has a new thing she does where she puts up her hands when I ask a question, it is the most adorable thing. I saw "where is it?" and her hands go up.

I had to trick her into wearing the bow, while distracted, I slip it in her hair, as long as she doesn't know it is there, it won't come out. Worked for part of the day.

Our table set for brunch. I love pulling out my nicer dishes for fun meals. The guys ate outside, it was a beautiful day, first nice Easter we have had since moving to Kansas.

Family picture on the back porch. I wore my bridesmaid dress from my girlfriend Sandra's wedding. Yes, a bridesmaid dress I got to wear again!

Payton and Daddy doing fishy face.

Payton receives a lot of lovin!

Wouldn't leave the ears on the head, took a quick picture before she took them off. The hands were on the way up to rip those ears off.

Ended the day in a diaper, enough of that getting all dressed up, especially in dry clean only dresses!


  1. oh! i have a great about steve takes keith's job here in florida...and keith will take steve's job there in olathe!
    yes!! perfect :)

    hope your easter was a good one :)

  2. i can totally relate to this post. i was 7 months preggers last easter and also missed my family terribly. it is amazing what a year can do! this year, i was not nearly as sad. :)

  3. Glad yall had a great Easter. Payton looked precious in her dress and I can't believe you got to wear a bridesmaid dress again. I always say I will, but never have. Also, your table looked gorgeous for your brunch.