Thursday, April 15, 2010


The other night while Steve and I were sitting on the deck finishing dinner, Payton was exploring. She found the pot of dirt that needs a plant added to it and she had fun, she even ate the dirt and didn't make a weird face.

She wasn't quite sure what she had gotten all over herself.

If Zack and Hilary are in the back yard, Payton often makes a flying leap over the fence for a visit.

Showing off for Hilary.

Today we leave for Florida. We will spend a couple days in Bradenton cleaning up our rental home as our tenants just moved out. We have a very good prospect to move in in May, please pray that this works out so we are not another month without rent.

Then next week Steve and I are attending Exponential Conference in Orlando. I am very excited to be able to join him, I really enjoy these venues. It is a conference for church planters. The other Indian Creek Pastors will join us there as well. Mimi K will have Payton while we attend the conference, I am sure they will have some good times together.

Steve will come back Sat the 24th so he can be back for Sunday. Payton and I will stay until Tuesday the 27th to have a little more time with family. On Saturday, Mom, Jaime, Me and maybe Cayla are all going to a Beth Moore conference together (a simulcast of her new book "So long insecurities." I am so excited to do this with mom and sister-in-law(s) because since we don't live near each other, I don't get to do these kind of things with them. Looking forward to our trip!


  1. Erin, I love the dirt! Abigail did that last night. Have a great time in FL ~ we'll miss you!

  2. She did not like the dirt on her feet last night after playing outside with her crocs on her feet!