Friday, February 12, 2010

Date Night and Toy Box

Thursday Night was date night once again. It is my favorite night of the week. Hilary and Zack, our next door neighbors, who are the closest thing we have to family here, watched Payton. They love their time with her and she loves spending time with them. They have a dog named rocky who Payton loves too.

Steve and I did a big night out of ice skating. A few months ago when we spent the night downtown, we were going to go ice skating but the rink was packed. I really didn't want to spend $20 to bump into people. So we decided we would go another night. Good choice, we went to another rink closer to our home and pretty much had the rink to ourselves. I showed Steve that even though I grew up on the beach, I was one pretty skilled ice skater :)

After skating we tried out a Chinese restaurant, that came highly recommended and it was amazing. Andy's wok on 119th towards Town Center is a must. We will be back.

This morning Payton found her way into her toy box in her closet. She spent 45 min by herself playing in there and didn't want to get out for nap time. Tonight when we went back up to her room, she found herself there again once more. I think it is her new favorite spot.

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