Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Weekend

What a great weekend. Friday afternoon Steve and I drove to Wichita for my college friend Aaron Varner's wedding. He is a missionary to Germany and ironically he married a girl who grew up in Wichita so we were some of the few college friends that made the wedding. Zack and Hilary kept Payton over night for us and we had a great night at the wedding catching up with friends and enjoyed sleeping in, having a great breakfast and making our way back to KC Saturday afternoon. We are so thankful for our time away.

Sunday right after our church wide picnic, we loaded up the Explorer with Zack and Hilary joining us for a quick overnight trip to the lake. For almost a year we have been trying to get them down there with us, schedules just never worked out before. Steve's parents and brother and his girlfriend Jordan were down there and we had a great quick 24 hour trip. Amazing firework shows all over the lake that we could see right from our own deck.

Payton does love doing things all by herself. Once the boat was parked, she got to drive the boat.

She takes her job seriously, making sure everything is in order.

The neighbor Norm took the whole gang on a ride in his boat. Great afternoon for a ride before we had to head home. I think we chose the right place to be for the night, as KC had a lot of rain and we had a lot of sun!

Zack and Hilary

Norm driving, my in-laws and Ben and his girlfriend Jordan. This was our first time meeting Jordan, she is a really sweet girl.

Hope you all had a great 4th!

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