Thursday, July 22, 2010

July Florida Trip

Back from Florida! Yes we have spent 4 of the last 6 weeks there. Coming home Steve asked me if I was going to miss Florida, and I said no, I was glad to be going home to Kansas, I love home! We had a wonderful time. Spent the first part of my time hanging out with my best friends for an amazing girls weekend. Another post will follow with more details there. Just a teaser though, check out the photo shoot we did while we were there, Jessica is an amazing photographer, and we had such a blast. I would highly recommend her to anyone in Florida looking for a photographer! She took some pictures of Payton too, but those aren't up yet. (follow the link for more pics)

Then Steve and I attended IYC (International Youth Convention) that is help every 2 years. It is such an amazing time, we are honored to be able to work beside a stellar team of people for the convention. Every time we go, I am blown away at God's spirit moving among teenagers. I love being reminded how teenagers who are passionate for the Lord worship him uninhibited. It is sweetness to my soul to be able to work the convention. We also get to catch up with so many friends from around the country that we often don't see.

Mom kept Payton most of the 2 weeks I was in Florida. I think I was only with her 4 days of that time. Payton had such a fun time with Mimi and Grandpa, I don't think she even missed us. She has all the family members names down from the Wiens side now. My favorite is Colin sounds like cong (like a chinese word). She knows which family members go together as well. Everytime Colin (or tio as she sometimes refers to him) is mentioned, she says Caya (Cayla). She knows that Jodie, A (Anderson), Jodan (Jordan), and Jam (Jaime) all go together. She is such a verbal sponge right now.

Mom taught her a few other tricks while we were gone, I had to get my Payton update from her so I knew what she was saying. I also had to put my Payton ears back on to understand her words. She is such a precious little girl. I think being away from her rejuvenated my patience with her. She is in a trying stage, but such an adorable stage. It is amazing how love flows so freely for your children. I loved my time away from her, and I love now being back with her.

Trying to get caught up from being gone so long, will try to post more pictures soon.


  1. beautiful picture!! can't wait to see the rest :)

  2. okay, just clicked on the blog link...totally fabulous! you will treasure those photos forever!

  3. I didn't get to be around my niece Erica much when she was little, so she didn't really know who I was for a long time. HOWEVER, she knew I had a cat! Mom says that whenever they would visit the her house, Erica would run into my bedroom and say, "Kitty!" Now she knows I am Aunt Jilly, but I think she's still more excited to see the cat! ;-)

  4. erin, those pictures are perfection! pregnancy totally suits you :)