Friday, July 30, 2010

Drive to CO

many people complain about the drive across kansas to colorado, stating it is flat and boring. i did not find it boring at all. maybe it was because we stopped A LOT for a sick hubby who had the stomach flu, maybe because i drove the whole way i was more alert to my surroundings, maybe because i a florida girl some of the views were new to me.  the sunflower fields were amazing, the wind farms blew my mind, and crossing into colorado was a first for me

needless to say we made it to colorda, steve barely in one piece,  i haven't seen him that sick in a long time. he ended up not preaching last night (he was actually willing but the tech guys said it was too late to switch back) so we got a good night rest last night and he is feeling better this morning. payton did wonderful in the car. we spent one night in salina to break up the trip. payton found the game room in the hotel and somehow without anyone showing her what to do, she knew how to get right on the game and play.

one more story that cracked me up this morning. payton was eating cheerios in the hotel room and wanted some gold fish too. i had decided she had enough food as we were going to breakfast soon. i told her no more food and she went directly behind my back to daddy and asked him for fishy's. that little stinker is already trying to work the system! doesn't take long for them to catch on.


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  1. i, too, love the drive all the way across kansas to colorado. i love and miss the plains of kansas. my family and i drove it nearly every summer for vacation. colorado in the summer is breath-taking. enjoy your time! :)