Monday, July 26, 2010

Updated Design

This post more pertains to those who have blogs...

I have been receiving a few questions about my recent updates to the design of my blog. I have to tell you that I learn by trial and error with this blog thing. I do steal whatever information someone else will share.  Thanks for my friend EMILY who is much more talented than me and recently shared her insights. Check her post out HERE. It probably takes me much longer to get things done then people who know what they are doing. But here are a few of the things I recently learned...

where is your background from?
blogger has recently updated their design template section
there are many new backgrounds and options that I don't recall being available until now
spend some time on there and you will realize I just played around a lot!

how did you add the new sidebars?
again, i went to blogger and spent some time on the page design adding gadgets
look for a new gadget tomorrow when i am going to try to do a poll

where did you find your new fonts?
emily listed in her post Kevin and Amanda's blog for fonts
i spent a lot of time on there getting new fonts
check out the tutorial section for great blog design ideas (i am still working through these ideas, hoping to add more soon)

how did you get your pictures so large?
i updated my post editor
here's how:
dashboard ->
settings (should already be on basic tab) ->
scroll to bottom 
choose "updated editor" in post editor
when you post pictures you will see new options for XL pics!
i am sure there are many other new options, i am still learning

my camera?
up until last week, all pics were taken with my handy Cannon powershot SD 750 elph (yes a point and shoot) and i would touch up a bit in iphoto (poor man's photoshop on my mac)
while in florida i bought my brother and sister-in-laws Cannon Rebel XT EOS 350D
now i am so ignorant on cameras i might not even have given the correct name
i am really trying to learn how to use this bad boy
if you are interested in some great tutorials on aperture and shutter speed check out Pioneer Women's tutorials, i have learned a lot

if anyone has any insights on headers, let me know, that is my next project

now that you know that I steal other's ideas and make many mistakes in my learning process, feel free to steal anything from me and learn from my mistakes!


  1. you can make a header in photshop elements. or i've made some in

    the blog looks good!

  2. Thanks for all that info!!!! I love it and can't wait to play around with mine some more. For my header I've used It takes you through each step to add pictures and text.

  3. Thanks ladies, I will try one of those websites for the header