Saturday, July 31, 2010


Steve mentioned in his sermon last night that God spent a little more time working in Colorado than Kansas, the mountains are evident of that!

Here are some pictures of our highlights

Our only family shot, at Balance Rock in the Garden of the Gods

Someone told us we could walk to the Garden of the Gods, after only half-way there, one of the employees laughed at us and asked who told us we could walk this far. We had already gone about 45 minutes of hills with Steve recovering from the stomach flu and me toting this extra weight and baby around, all still adjusting to the altitude change, we hiked back and decided to take the car through the Garden.

Car ride the next day through the Garden and we laughed at ourselves thinking about actually walking "through" the gardens. It would have taken ALL day!
Mommy and Payton

Enjoying the grounds at Glen Eyrie where we stayed  

Payton's favorite toys right now, stick and rocks. We are in a good place for her to find those!

Enjoying lunch

BBQ and watermelon, not the cleanest meal :)

Absolutely perfect weather - warm in sun, cool in shade

Trying to wear her out

As soon as I returned from my afternoon tea with the ladies, I found Steve and Payton on the road ready for a hike. I love hikes, but wasn't quite prepared. Still in a dress and flip flops, I believed Steve when he said it was only 1/3 of a mile hike.

Ironically, the pack doesn't fit Steve's large frame well.  So the 5 month old prego woman got to carry the 24 pound child up the mountain!

I was laughing so hard at us. Here I am, prego, in dress and flip flops with Payton on my back hiking the mountain. Steve, my muscular, in shape hubby carrying the water bottle and camera. We passed some guys going up the mountain and I laughed just imagining what they were thinking about us!

Payton has been pretty clingy to me recently, at times she wasn't even wanted Steve. Here is a glimpse of her stubbornness, not even looking at the camera having a tantrum.



  1. Those are beautiful pictures, Erin! The only time I have been to Colorado was for IYC my senior year and have always wanted to go back.

    I remember Joel going through a very, very clingy stage with me when I was expecting Caroline (he was the exact same age as Payton). It's almost like they sense the big change that is coming.

  2. Looks like fun. Although God may have spent more time in western Kansas. It is a lot harder to make things perfectly flat with no hills than a bunch of mountains (at least from my experience as a child playing in the sandbox). But you made driving through Western Kansas look cool in your previous post. I don't ever remember seeing all of those sunflowers! I loved that picture!